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A, legal statement:
1, this website josun group created by signs, anyone into, browse and use this web site shall first read the law announcement, if you do not agree to these legal notices please don’t continue on into this web site. If you continue to enter, browse and use this web site means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept this statement constraint, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the regulations.
2, signs-group reserves at any time, modification, update the correct statement rights.
B, the copyright notice:
This site offers of any content (including but not limited to data, text, charts, images, sounds, or video, etc) copyright all belong to sign sheng group. Signs of prior sheng group without written permission, you shall not, in any way, recreation, reproduction or spread, publishing, a post, adaptation, assembly or display the content of the website. At the same time, without the written permission signs sheng group, to this web site of any content, no person shall not sign in the server sheng group belong to mirror. Any unauthorized use of this web site behavior could violate the law of the People’s Republic of China copyright law "and other laws and regulations and the provisions of the relevant international conventions.
C, trademark and domain name statement:
1, signs josun group website (www.josun.cn) using all the signs sheng group design and words are signs sheng group for trademark in China or any other country’s registered trademark or trade, without Josun group written authorization, no unit or individual may, by any means, use the trademark.
2, www.josun.cn domain name for all josun group. JinCheng group without the written authorization, any unit or individual shall not be used.
D, privacy protection statement:
Josun group won’t publish or spread in this web site users of registered any material, except the following:
1. A prior user express authorization;
2. According to court, arbitration institution or the award of the referee, and other judicial process requirements;
3. According to the requirements of the relevant government departments;
4. In violation of the provisions of the user use or have other damage josun group behavior of interests;
5. Other relevant laws and regulations of requirements.
E, the disclaimer:
1, signs josun group does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the content on the site, timeliness, integrity and reliability and use these content could be out of any results. In addition, josun group will not sign in advance notice of your case, according to your own judgment to this website content, alteration, correct, additional delete, interrupt/suspended publication, etc. Whether any occasion, in this web site content of insert, alteration, correct, delete, posted on the sensitive to interrupt the users into any loss, Josun group shall not bear any responsibility. 2, sign this website sheng group and the content of the cannot use and using the wrong does not undertake any responsibility.
And, in any case, josun group and related people sign to enter or use this web site cause of any dependent on the content of the website and the decision or action does not undertake any responsibility to enter or use this web site and of generation any direct, indirect, punitive damage, or any other form of loss including but not limited to business interruption, data loss or loss of profit does not undertake any responsibility.
4, Josun group and related people in into, browse and for the use of the website or from this website to download any content and cause viruses or other damaging programs on your computer system and any other software, hardware, IT system or property damage or loss does not undertake any responsibility.
5, Josun group and related people sign for the third person through illegal means into this website obtain relevant password, material and content and cause of any direct or indirect damages or loss does not undertake any responsibility.
F, other web links:
1, the site of the link signs josun group outside of the website, not win under supervision of signs group. For through the sign of sheng group website access other links to any damage to the website and happen, Josun group does not undertake any responsibility. Visit web site links, please follow the link to web sites that’s terms of use and related laws and regulations.
2, the signs are for convenience sheng group visit and provide links to other web sites, and not to link the use of the website and its goods/services and published presses, and does not mean that signs with sheng group of companies, personal link to web sites that have joint, cooperation between, and other special relationship, it doesn’t mean Josun group approved or bear other web site or use the responsibility.
G, the web site the use of the software:
If the site download software, the software use party shall abide by the software to carry the software license agreement of all the license terms. In reading and accept the terms of software license agreement before anybody not to download or install this software.
H, the law applicable and over:
1, any about this site and to declare the disputes, disputes, shall be governed by the law of the People’s Republic of China. Any about this site and to declare dispute, should by the people’s court with jurisdiction over.
2, the power of interpretation of this statement using the power of interpretation of this website are attributed to the Josun group.