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    Testing devices and instruments are the major means to test and experiment on products. Our detection center have various kinds of laboratory and testing platform,equipt with a lot of testing devices, instruments and gauges for detection. Their accuracy complies with the test standard. Control function and main parameters of main equipment are as following:
 Artificial Environment Laboratory
    An air conditioning unit with 350000 kcal/h is mounted in artificial climate chamber. Its cooling capacity is 400KW, heating capacity 468KW and air flow 36000m3/h. Its air flow is controlled automatically. Heater power and humidification parts should be controlled by PID auto regulation plant. Its temperature accuracy is ±0.5℃, humidity accuracy ±1%. This plant can create a stable test condition of 20℃-40℃±0.5℃ temperature and 30%-70%±1% RH for central air condition unit and direct expansion or chilled water AHU of which cooling capacity is less than 400KW.
 Central Control Room
    Central control room has a micro-computer detection system with Acmeasure1.0 test software designed by Hefei General Machinery Institute. It’s convenient and audio-visual with all on-line data (detection data, calculation data) which can be stored and printed for analysis in the future. This software is suitable for on-line monitoring of various air condition equipment such as AHU, chiller, central air conditioning unit, self-contained air conditioner and so on, also refrigeration plant.
 Fan Test Platform
    The test platform can be used for testing various fans and measuring air volume and pressure, fully in accordance with GB1236 intake test method. Test air volume from 500㎥/h ~ 220000㎥/h, the results of test directly into computer software to calculate thereby forming test report.
 Enthalpy Difference Laboratory
    In the laboratory, the system can measure the cooling capacity, heating capacity and air flow of air handling unit and water cooled packaged air conditioner as per the enthalpy difference measurement principle. The measured control range of cooling capacity : 1.5—18KW, heating capacity: 1.8—21.6KW, air flow: 200~4000㎥/h, power: 0.2—18KW and cooling water flow: 0.4—6.0㎥/h.
 High Low Temperature Laboratory
    The laboratory have imported advanced temperature and humidity control instruments. In the laboratory, working condition of the products can be controlled at high temperature of 85 ℃, low temperature -10 ℃ /-20 ℃ /-40 ℃ /-60 ℃, humidity range between 30 and 98% RH
 Refrigeration Laboratory
    In the laboratory, existed cold room is 65m2 including four rooms; each room has one 25KW heating fan for balancing cooling load in cold room during test of refrigeration plant. The system in the laboratory is to carry out the performance test for refrigeration plant with cooling capacity under 90KW.
 Water chiller test system:
    Performance test of chiller can be carry out with the system, according to the size of the chiller under max. cooling capacity 1100 kW, chilled water flow 240m3/h, input power 360kW, cooling water temperature 5℃~45℃, chilled water temperature 5℃~35℃.